Note (18/10/2015): Right now the bulktts link doesn’t work any more since Google shut down apps using the old App Engine datastore, but I’ll create an updated version of bulktts in the near future.

The project I was talking about in the previous post was this one, bulktts.
With Google Translate you can only listen to the sound of the text you typed in, but you can’t download it.
I found a url which with the right parameters lets you download the mp3 file generated by Google Translate, but if you need a bunch of words converted to speech this is a tedious job of changing the url, save as.. etc.

Bulktts allows you to choose a language, paste your list of words in and download a zip file with the mp3’s.

There are still some bugs though, at the moment words with special characters won’t product the correct sound.

Update: SoundTbug fixed. Only the filenames for special character words in zip files are still not correct.